On-demand security leadership and guidance for today’s complex business environment.


Managing cybersecurity has become increasingly complex as new technologies, regulations, and threats continuously challenge organizations – forcing them to respond. Many companies do not understand the complexities of an enterprise information security strategy or lack the necessary staff to support the organization’s security needs.

Whether regulatory compliance and framework development or security risk assessments and strategic security planning, the Systech vCISO team is poised to fill the gap. What makes Systech different? Our core competency is Information Security consulting. We’re skilled specialists, not general practitioners. While other companies may include security services, our sole focus is Information Security consulting, leadership, and strategy.

Certifications Held by Systech vCISO Consultants

How do we help?

IT Risk Management

By understanding security risk and the impact it may have on an organization, Systech's cybersecurity consultants set the foundation for a formalized IT risk management program. Beginning with a risk assessment, organizations can realize a positive ROI by prioritizing expenditures in a manner that improves security posture while aligning risk with acceptable tolerance levels.

Board Advisory

Systech maintains a core group of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) who have functioned in the role as CISO in multiple organizations. Our experts understand the foundation of a mature security program, and offer organizations an independent view of their security posture.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Systech consultants meet with clients to gain an understanding of their organizational culture, risk tolerance levels, regulatory environment, and industry pressures. This allows the team to approach information security using a risk-based methodology, enabling customization of each solution.

IT Audits

IT audits provide insight into potential gaps in processes and procedures in a technology environment. Audits identify problem areas by reviewing how well technology controls are designed and implemented.

Pentration Testing

Penetration testing is a proactive approach to discovering exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems, network, and web applications. Gaining an understanding of these vulnerabilities will enable you to resolve issues before an attacker interrupts business operations with a devastating security breach.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are critical to a business’s ability to weather interruptions to business functions and recover in case of a disaster. We help you identify critical assets and plan accordingly.

Policy Review and Development

Policies must be designed to support risk management goals while maintaining business operations. Systech's process involves one-on-one interaction with business leaders, providing consultants with the insight necessary to draft policies in a manner that will support organizational objectives.

Security Awareness and Training

When implemented properly, security awareness and training activities can lead to greater reporting of suspected attempts to compromise an organization’s critical assets, and fewer instances of employees falling prey to cyber threats and tactics.

Compliance and Controls

Systech will help discover a balance of risk management and security without compromising your organization’s mission and budget.