By leveraging powerful analytics tools like PowerBI, Tableau and Looker, Systech can work with you to determine how best to get the information you need from your data to gain valuable insights, make important business decisions, and share with stakeholders in a way that makes sense.

We can design a central dashboard that provides single sources of truth across the enterprise, allowing you to obtain a holistic data driven visualization of your enterprise.  This ensures you achieve true enterprise governance with real time analytics that help you drive daily strategic decisions.


Perfectly tailored to your business.  Gain full transparency into your company by focusing on the core Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that drive your success. We help identify & clarify the metrics that are both important and unique to your business.

Build your own reports, customized entirely to suit your needs. Combine multiple reports and views into a single on-screen display that provides a snapshot of your overall performance as well as individual business unit performance.  Our team can sort through the raw data using information analytics that transforms it into valuable and actionable data to help manage your enterprise.  View summarized reports and drill into the details to understand and improve company performance. 

Systech helps you gain access to this information in real-time, enabling timely and proactive decision-making.    

Legacy Data Transformation

Retain and extend the value of your legacy investment through migration to new platforms. Re-engineering applications on new platforms can reduce operational costs, preserve legacy data and unlock efficiencies from new technologies.

Dynamic Dashboards

A quick & easy, at-a-glance visualization of relevant information or key performance indicators (KPIs), with which to make real time decisions or adjustments.

Business Intelligence

A larger, platform solution for data warehousing, or a custom reporting solution for C-level execs who perform deeper business analytics with an eye toward making strategic, data-driven decisions.

Custom Built Reporting

A single compilation of information for a deep look at a particular area of data for specific departments or teams. Don’t just track the information; put it to maximum use.

Challenges We Solve

Systech can provide solutions for many business development, marketing, and operational issues. Business intelligence (BI) platforms can help any organization gather, analyze, and leverage a wide variety of data in order to gain a competitive edge and increase its visibility in a crowded market.  By incorporating a BI solution into your daily business operations, you can solve a wide variety of problems, from high costs to low customer satisfaction. Every small, mid-sized, and large business can benefit from business intelligence.  Here are some ways in which we can help.

  • Combine unstructured data across multiple disparate systems
  • Unlock legacy information residing in antiquated mainframes, systems & platforms
  • Standardize multiple spreadsheets, macros & custom ad hoc reports into a single source of truth
  • Gain accessibility to limited information trapped in proprietary systems and formats
  • Connect backend processes with modern front-end applications to expose data externally to customers and partners