We Focus on Your IT Systems So You Can Focus on Your Citizens.

State and local government agencies deal with more complex IT issues than organizations in many other industries. Their first challenge is to balance tight budgets with fewer resources while meeting the growing demand to modernize the digital services they provide to citizens. For example, many municipalities are creating smart cities, which require use of 5G networks, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, ubiquitous connectivity, and human-centered design to improve the quality of government services and citizen welfare.

Exceed expectations

Government provides services essential to the daily lives of real people. These critical government services are often dependent on information technology. Digital records and systems are the lifeblood of how government delivers services to citizens. Systech helps ensure the IT systems your community depends on are up and running and available to fulfill your mission.

Protect data and privacy

Government is entrusted with a community’s most important data. Data that impacts citizens every day. Some of the data is public, some of the data is private, but all of it is critical and needs to be protected. Logically offers a full range of disaster recovery, managed security and regulatory compliance services to ensure your data – and citizens- are protected.

IT for Government Organizations

Another key IT challenge is cyber-security. As smart cities become more technologically sophisticated, they remain a prime target for cyber-attacks. For the most part, the IT infrastructures of state and local government agencies consist of legacy systems and complex disparate networks that serve the differing needs of citizens and internal staff. These heterogeneous environments are difficult to manage and secure, creating opportunities for cyber-criminals. In a recent local government survey, “too many IT networks/systems” was cited as the #2 crucial barrier to effective cybersecurity efforts.

State and local government agencies also have a responsibility to ensure that the management of sensitive regulated data complies with a variety of regulations, including HIPAA, FMLA, PII, PIC DSS, and SSI to name a few. IT technology plays a critical role in ensuring compliance.

From embracing modern technologies to create a smart city, to ensuring data security and compliance with industry regulations, you expect a lot from your IT systems. But, it takes IT experts and specialists to develop and manage your systems and with tight budgets, hiring the right staff is not always possible. The results: Your unstable, insecure, or poor performing IT systems will cost you more than you might imagine.

If your systems are unstable, it will cost you money in downtime, impact citizen satisfaction, and propagate a loss of trust and confidence. A down system means your constituents’ can’t use your on-line services. A cyber-security attack can compromise your constituent’s personal data and disrupt your operations. In severe cases, you can expose public figures and/or infrastructure information that can be used for negative activities. If your systems are found out of compliance, it can cost you dearly in fines. If you cannot roll out a new application or cloud platform on time, it will increase your IT development costs.

Why spend money and time worrying about your IT systems when Systech offers IT services personalized to your organization’s specific needs?

How Systech helps

Systech offers IT services that cover the full range of cloud and on-premise IT management needs from ongoing IT management and end-user support, IT strategy and leadership, technology upgrades, cloud migrations, security and regulatory compliance. Whether you are looking for expertise to help with your digital transformation, setting your IT strategy, managing your IT ecosystem, or anything in between, Systech can provide the exact IT service you need.